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[23 Mar 2011|08:45pm]


Given that this comm is so dead (sad face!), my friend mudg3t has started another community for Captain Planet fans - to talk about the show, post icons, fic, etc. Go and check it out!

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awesome t-shirt @ redbubble [11 Mar 2011|11:53pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Check it out!

"By your powers combined..." is a t-shirt available over at Red Bubble right now! It's in regular, girly, hoodie, v-neck, and long sleeve. I just bought it since I had a nice coupon from their emails. :D

There is a universal coupon though for free shipping, FREEPAUL, to help with the cost. :]

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65 icons: captain planet [06 Mar 2011|01:37am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Made a ton of icons from the Marvel Captain Planet comic book series. Just getting a little hyped up here for the first DVD set next month. ;p

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Comic) x 65


65 tree huggers under this fake cut

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*pokes with stick* [05 Mar 2011|01:20am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I was hoping with the first DVD set coming out next month there would be more activity here but this place looks pretty dead. And WOAH the background here makes the eyes strain with the text. I take it the mod has jumped ship? D:

Are there any other Captain Planet communities out there on LJ besides the fic one that are a bit more active? I just find this a bit...sad. :'(

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[03 Mar 2011|01:21pm]

Oh, I know this community is really dead and maybe interest in our dear Captain Planet is dead, too, but I'm here to point out that DVDS ARE COMING, there is a big PLANETEER  MOVEMENT on facebook, and there is a new community for awesome PLANETEER FANFICTION on livejournal: cpfanfic.

My job here is done. The power is yours.

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The First Five Kisses [05 Mar 2008|12:29am]

[ mood | awake ]

My 30kisses challenge featuring Wheeler and Linka has been progressing quite nicely. I now have the first five kisses for you that just happen to fit together in a 5-part serial.

Title: "What Happens in New York"
Author: ainohimeliz
Fandom: Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Pairing: Wheeler x Linka
Theme #'s: 02,03,04,05,16
Rating: Teen
Summary: Will Wheeler ever get his chance? A tragedy has called him back home and the truth about his old-flame, Trish, isn't going to please Linka.
Disclaimer: integrated russian, used without permission(please don't sue)

Our Distance and That Person
Ano Sa

Also, I am in need of some input from here. Forgive me, this is kind of an obscure question, but do any of you remember the episodes "Isle of Solar Energy" and "Little Crop of Horrors"? If so which girl was a better match for Kwame: Karen Apollo or Georgie Carver?

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some icons [04 Mar 2008|02:43am]
um, I was re-watching some episodes, and decided to make some icons. Made about four XD

for your enjoymentCollapse )

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the wheeler & linka fanlisting! [14 Feb 2008|03:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey you guys! before i say anything else, happy valentine's day to all! ^_^ i just thought i'd give you the heads up-- i've finally finished the fanlisting for everybody's favorite pair (well, i guess it's a favorite of most of us, at least): wheeler & linka! please visit and join if you're a fan!

sorry for the lack of codes, BTW. i'm sadly lacking CP images/screencaps ;_; feel free to donate some if you'd like!

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Looking For 1x24/25: Two Futures [29 Jan 2008|09:01pm]

I'm a college-aged nostalgic Captain Planet fanatic who's been getting her fix from episodes on Guba.com and the Cartoon World forums. But... no matter how manys search engines I try or websites i visit, I just can't find the Season 1 finale "Two Futures." I want to download/see that SO BADLY! It has to be out there in cyberspace somehwere- if anyone has it or knows where to find it, I would be extremely grateful for the info.

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Petition for Captain Planet on DVD! [10 Nov 2007|12:53am]

So, I've started a petition to get Captain Planet on to DVD over on care2.com and hope you'll sign it!

Link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/put-captain-planet-on-dvd

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